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Component development leads

The component lead is responsible for the planning and development of patches and features for the respective component. This does not mean that the component lead is the only person developing the component, but he/she should direct the efforts and be the point of contact in case of problems.

Rucio Project Leader: Martin Barisits

ComponentLead (+Deputies)Description
Authentication & AuthorisationMario LassnigClient-server authentication, Rucio tokens, auth methods (kerberos, ssh, userpass, OIDC, ...)
ClientsMario Lassnig, Radu Carpa, Joel DierkesGeneral Python Clients and Command Line interface related development, rucio download, rucio upload; Specific component related client functionality is part of the other components
Consistency checksFabio Luchetti, Igor MandrichenkoDark data detection daemon: Auditor
Core & InternalsMartin Barisits, Mario LassnigCore functionality not specifically part of other components
Data Pre-PlacementMartin BarisitsData pre placement daemon: C3PO
DatabaseMario Lassnig, Martin BarisitsDatabase (Compatibility and optimisation) and SQLAlchemy framework specific issues
Dataset deletionMartin BarisitsDataset deletion daemon: Undertaker
DeletionCedric Serfon, Radu CarpaFile deletion daemon: Reaper
DIRACCedric SerfonRucio integration with Dirac
Docker & KubernetesMario Lassnig, Radu Carpa, Eric VaanderingDocker & Kubernetes deployment
DocumentationMartin Barisits, Joel DierkesGeneral documentation
Functional testsCedric SerfonFunctional transfer tests
Life time modelDimitrios ChristidisLife time model processing and exceptions
MessagingMario LassnigMessaging daemon: Hermes, Creation of eMails and ActiveMQ messages
MetadataRob BarnsleyMetadata workflows
Monitoring & LoggingMayank Sharma, Mario Lassnig, Radu CarpaAll things logging and internal monitoring
Multi VOTim NobleIssues and developments related to Rucio Multi VO mode
PoliciesJames PerryAll things related to separate settings/config/policies into community specific things
Probes & AlarmsDimitrios Christidis, Eric VaanderingProbes and alarms for Nagios
ProtocolsMario Lassnig, Radu CarpaProtocols (Upload, Download, Deletion)
RebalancingCedric SerfonData rebalancing daemon: BB8
RecoveryCedric SerfonData recovery daemon: Necromancer
Release managementMartin BarisitsPackaging of new versions, package configuration
ReplicasMario LassnigReplicas related workflows (list_replicas, add_replica, ...)
REST & APIBenedikt Ziemons, Martin BarisitsWeb-Framework ( & Flask)
RulesMartin BarisitsReplication rules and rule daemons: Judge
SubscriptionsCedric SerfonSubscription daemon: Transmogrifier
TestingMayank Sharma, Joel DierkesRegression and Unit tests, automatic tests of submissions
TracesMario Lassnig, Mayank SharmaAll things traces and Trace processing daemon: Kronos
TransfersRadu Carpa, Eric VaanderingTransfer daemons: conveyor
WebUIMayank Sharma, Cedric SerfonWeb user interface: Rucio Web UI
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