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Welcome to Rucio's documentation

Rucio is a project that provides services and associated libraries for allowing scientific collaborations to manage large volumes of data spread across facilities at multiple institutions and organisations. Rucio was originally developed to meet the requirements of the high-energy physics experiment ATLAS, and now is continuously extended to support the LHC experiments and other diverse scientific communities.

Rucio offers advanced features, is highly scalable, and modular. It is a data management solution that covers the needs of different communities in the scientific domain (e.g., HEP, astronomy, biology).

Below are some resources to help you get you started on your journey.

Getting Started

What exactly is Rucio? What were the motivations behind developing such a system? Who uses it? What powers these systems? Answers to all these questions and more can be found by browsing through the sub-sections of this topic.


The rucio client enables users to interact with the system and access the distributed data. The client can upload, download, manage and delete everything from single files up to Petabyte sized datasets.


This section of the documentation deals with some of the material that an operator or administrator of a Rucio environment would require. For example, how to install a server or some quick tips for working with the administrative CLI. Take a deep dive, but not before you ensure you've read through the pre-requisites section under each of the topics!

Developer Documentation

Whether you want to develop with Rucio or contribute to the project, the Developer documentation will help you get started. Peruse some common REST API & Client API references that are directly derived from Rucio's python libraries. We also have a contribution guide for those who wish to pitch in.

Contributing to the Documentation

Documentation is always a work in progress and we welcome both, qualitative and technical contributions, from the community. Make sure you look into the documentations GitHub repository and understand the pre-requisites before you submit your first PR!

About Us

Learn more about the brilliant minds pioneering the development and maintenance of Rucio in this section. Should you wish to get in touch with us, we've also included several ways of doing so in the Contact Us section.