Rucio Admin CLI Examples

The syntax of the Rucio admin command line interface is: rucio-admin <ressource> <command> [args], where ressource can be account,identity,rse,scope,meta.

The –help argument can be used to know the syntax of each commands.


rucio-admin account add

Add an account:

$> rucio-admin account add vgaronne
Added new account: vgaronne

rucio-admin account del

Delete an account:

$> rucio-admin account del vgaronne
Deleted account: vgaronne

rucio-admin account list

List accounts:

$> rucio-admin account list

rucio-admin account show

List account details:

$> rucio-admin account show vgaronne
status     : active
account    : vgaronne
deleted    : False
created_at : 2012-10-16T14:30:04
updated_at : 2012-10-16T14:30:04
deleted_at : None
type       : user

rucio-admin account set-limits

Set account limits:

$> rucio-admin account set-limits --account vgaronne --rse_expr "GROUPDISK AND tier=1" --value 1000000
Added new limits to account: vgaronne

rucio-admin account get-limits

Get account limits:

$> rucio-admin account get-limits vgaronne

rucio-admin account del-limits

Del account limits:

$> rucio-admin account del-limits --account vgaronne --rse_expr "GROUPDISK AND tier=1"


rucio-admin identity add

Grant a {userpass|x509|gss|proxy} identity access to an account:

$> rucio-admin identity add --account vgaronne --id vgaronne@CERN.CH --type gss
Added new identity to account: vgaronne@CERN.CH-vgaronne

rucio-admin list-identities

List all identities on an account:

$> rucio-admin account list-identities vgaronne
Identity: vgaronne@CERN.CH,  type: gss

Rucio Storage Element (RSE)

rucio-admin rse add

Add a RSE:

$> rucio-admin rse add MOCK
Added new RSE: MOCK

rucio-admin rse list

List RSEs:

$> rucio-admin rse list

rucio-admin rse set-attr

Set RSE attribute:

$> rucio-admin rse set-attr --rse MOCK --key tier  --value 1
Added new RSE attribute for MOCK: tier-1

Set RSE a tag (attribute with value=True):

$> rucio-admin rse set-attr --rse MOCK2 --key GROUPDISK  --value True
Added new RSE attribute for MOCK2: GROUPDISK-True

rucio-admin rse get-attr

Get RSE attribute:

$> rucio-admin rse get-attr MOCK
tier: 1

rucio-admin rse del-attr

Delete RSE attribute:

$> rucio-admin rse del-attr --rse MOCK2 --key CLOUD --value CERN
Deleted RSE attribute for MOCK2: CLOUD-CERN


rucio-admin scope add

Add scope to an account:

$> rucio-admin scope add --account vgaronne --scope vgaronne
Added new scope to account: vgaronne-vgaronne

rucio-admin scope list

List scopes:

$> rucio-admin scope list


rucio-admin metadata add

Create a new allowed key(with default values if specified):

$> rucio-admin metadata add --key --value --type --DItypes

rucio-admin metadata del

Delete an allowed key or key/value:

$> rucio-admin metadata del --key --value --type --DItypes

rucio-admin metadata list

List all allowed keys with their default values:

$> rucio-admin metadata list